GWPL Vedanta ERP

GWPL Vedanta ERP – is an offline versatile, proprietary and an integrated system for an Institution encompassing the end-to-end academic and administrative processes across the Institution.


Content management


Data management


Document management


Policy management

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Flexible reporting capabilities

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GWPL Vedanta ERP offers a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the functioning of an Institution – from Academic Activities to Administrative functions – all on a single window platform. With flexible reporting capabilities, sound educational analytics and protected access.

Smart ID Card

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GWPL Vedanta ERP combines unique Smart ID Card and disparate technologies into a cohesive and powerful relational database allowing increased productivity, streamlining expenditures and promoting the physical, psychological and all-round growth of student, faculty and administrative staff member.

Exhaustive and Comprehensive

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GWPL Vedanta ERP is an exhaustive & comprehensive system whose group of modules are supported by network of sub-modules. These modules adhere to the best practices of the governance of educational institutions covering every aspect of the work-flow within an Institution, enabling it to simplify and empower systematic processes. From admissions, attendance to examination, hostel, and transport to HRMS, Store & Finance and Accounts, the modules of GWPL Vedanta ERP offer a complete solution on a single integrated platform.



In a continuous endeavour to enable educational institutions increase their footprint and impact without incrementally increasing their costs, a flexible use of technology helps realize robust recurring savings with more efficient management of academic & administrative processes.


We at Good Worths Partners Limited, understand the problem areas that an Institution faces and hence our solution is custom tailored to suit the requirements. Our offerings are built on the premise of helping Institution owners save money and have an efficient business process.


  • One Stop Solution – End to End ERP Application and Real time support


GWPL Vedanta ERP is a cutting-edge Institution Management System developed to significantly improve upon the educational and economic viability of institutions, transforming the way schools and campuses are managed. Developed after careful analysis and research from schools and institutions, interaction with directors, principals and owners.


360 ° Support

GWPL Vedanta ERP offers one stop platform for all stakeholders.

We believe that it is important to build a Software Application as per the best use standard of the Institution. We at par also believe in implementing the Solution effectively which requires expert hand-holding.


The Institution requirements are captured for complete tuning of GWPL Vedanta ERP as per the business policy and work-flow of the Institution’s specific norms.

Integration Scope

Advanced level of integration via strict protocols and validations embedded in the application.

Access to All

Interactive Mobile Application for Teachers, Parents and Chairman

Vehicle Track

GWPL Vedanta ERP offers real time tracking of the School Buses on Google Map. This is based on integration with Global Satellite Positioning System and Devices if available in the school.


GWPL Vedanta ERP – Institution Automation System enables the Institution to manage vast  departments, enabling them to work in a centralized system thereby maintaining a tight control over each & every processes. The solution with its cutting edge technology offers multitude of advantages for the Institution and the associated stakeholders.

GWPL Vedanta ERP is an integrated and flexible system which is easy to implement and understand. Spanning across the entire length and breadth of an Institution, the system brings in its very carefully and well planned modules and sub modules for streamlining the school operations.

 We understand the importance of the need of a well-defined and strategic approach to undertake the operations with a pragmatic approach providing an ease of implementation, custom building and flexible mould of the structure.

 With rich experience in the domain, we have conceptualized and developed the solution which has been tried and tested in the segment and has been made robust in handling the various work-flow requirements of an Institution. Spanning across the academic & administrative sections of an educational institution, GWPL Vedanta ERP offers the following content rich modules:


  • Institution Set up
  • General Masters
  • Academic Planner
  • User Profile Management
  • News & Events
  • Document Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

Front Desk Management

  • Visitor Management
  • Office Counter
  • SMS Alert
  • Admissions
  • Complaint/Suggestion
  • Reporting

Academics Planner

  • Course/Branch/Semester/Period Definition
  • Section
  • Subject
  • Faculty Role
  • Master Session Handler
  • Faculty Management
  • Time Table

Fees Manager

  • Fees Head
  • Student Registration
  • Concession
  • Scholarship
  • Receipt Generation

Student Manager

  • Student Registration (New & Backlog)
  • Attendance
  • Criteria wise Students

Human Resource

  • Employee Manager
  • Payroll Master
  • Recruitment
  • Attendance/Leave


  • Exam Name
  • Shift Definition
  • Marks Master
  • Academic Year Marks Division
  • Exam Attendance
  • Marks Entry
  • Exam Result


  • Library Master
  • Library Management
  • Membership
  • Book Inventory Control (Purchase/Return)
  • Issuance/Return
  • Theft Control

Training & Placement

  • Company Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Student Participation Management
  • Offers & Selection


  • Accounts Master (Group/Ledger)
  • Voucher (Receipt/Payment/Journal)
  • Module Mapping

Transport & Fleet Management

  • Vehicle Master
  • Driver Management
  • Route Planner
  • Service Planner
  • Insurance & Maintenance
  • Fuel Manager


  • Store Manager
  • Unit/Article Category
  • Vendor Manager
  • Indent Entry/Verification
  • Issuance
  • Purchase Order
  • Local Purchase
  • Return

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